Head of School Certification

Head of school certification

Leading a Christian educational institution is a multi-faceted responsibility.  It is an important goal of CESA to have highly-trained Christian leaders around the world leading schools.  Some leaders may be called to inner-city work, others to international work, while others may be called to suburban independent schools.  It is vital to put strong Christian leaders in schools across the country and world in order to further Christian education.

What is CESA Head Certification?

The first value proposition that distinguishes CESA from other Christian school organizations and brings value to member schools specifically and Christian education generally is the edification of the Christian school head. The purpose of the CESA head certification process is ultimately the personal and professional growth and development of the Christian school head by strengthening his or her leadership in reference to peer-reviewed and peer-generated professional standards. The process envisions a three-part process of personal guided reflection, assessment by those who know and best understand the leader’s practice, and peer discussion with two mentor heads of school from the CESA network, all centered around the standards. This process will lead to heightened self-awareness, deeper understanding of one’s strengths as a leader, and a clear, personalized direction for next-level professional growth.

Who is it for?

Heads of CESA Member of Council schools.

What is the process?

First, heads engage in a self-reflective process, guided by the CESA head of school certification standards. The purpose of the self-report is for school heads to gain an honest look at their leadership skills, areas of strength and the areas needing further growth. Realizing that leadership is a practice of constant growth, no leader may be exceptional at every level and in every category.
The second phase of certification includes an observer assessment by six members of the school community who best know and understand the head of school’s leadership practice, again, relevant to the standards. Observers will use the CESA Standards to reflect on the Head’s leadership.

Written feedback will come from the six observers, which are to include the administrative team and board members. The self-reflection and observer assessments will be submitted to the Executive Director of CESA and reviewed by a committee of the Board of Directors. A link to an electronic survey will be given to the applicant to distribute to his or her observers.
The third and final phase of certification will consist of a school site visit and assessment/mentoring/coaching session by two CESA Member of Council heads of school. These heads will first meet with the administrative team, as well as a committee of the Board of Trustees. Click here to read more about guidance for your visit.











If you have any questions, please contact Gary Arnold at [email protected].